014 – Neill Bartlett From The Aussie Radio Show Drops In For a Yarn

by Brett Parry on March 13, 2016


Ok, this one went a little long folks. It could have gone longer though. Also made me realize I probably want to make time to ask future guests even more about themselves. People are so interesting. Especially Aussies doing cool stuff at home and around the world. Neill and I chinwag about his experiences back home in Australia as a photographer in the music scene, his love of writing, eventually connecting with his birth parents, the book that was born out of his perspective as a adopted child, and of course his latest passion producing the The Aussie Radio Show, a podcast made up of magazine style content featuring interviews with some of Australia’s biggest stars. There’s also food, music, musings, news and views related to all things Australian.

It was just great to here from such a good bloke who does such a wonderful job of interviewing his guests but perhaps does not get many opportunities to share his own story. I am honoured he did so for us here. Make sure Neill’s show is on your podcast list. Check it out online HERE, or subscribe onĀ iTunes and have a listen, as well as adding a review so we can get the word out about this great resource of Aussie culture and heritage.

Cheers mates!

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